OPRD Objectives

OPRD Objectives

The overall objective of the OPRD has been defined based on the strengths and opportunities identified within the SWOT analysis, the sectors assigned for IPA Component together with the main general goals set up in main strategic programming documents. Also one of the goals is to strengthen institutional capacities for managing the Structural Funds which will be available at the accession of Montenegro to the EU.

Therefore, the main goal of OPRD is to improve living standards and the state of an environment in Montenegro, in accordance with national policies and strategies as well as with EU policies and standards.

This overall objective can be split into three main specific objectives for the Programme::

Objective 1: To protect, respect and improve Montenegrin environment and natural resources as a potential for future sustainable social and economic development.

This objective will lead us to the first Strategy of the OPRD:

Enviromental Strategy

Priority Axis 1

To upgrade the environmental management systems

The Environmental component will look into reaching higher level of preservation of natural resources and environmental protection by providing improvements in the sectors of waste water management and management of municipal waste in order to bring it to EU levels and in line with the relevant EU acquis. Due to limitation of funds, the RD OP will concentrate in the water and waste sectors, especially in the creation of infrastructure for waste water treatment and landfills for waste.

Axis Measures
Priority Axis 1. To upgrade the environmental management Systems Measure 1.1. To protect Montenegro’s water resources by improving water supply and integrated waste water management systems
Measure 1.2 To develop the waste management infrastructure in order to reduce the impact in the environment

Objective 2: To promote environmentally friendly transport modes that contribute to better accessibility and mobility within Montenegrin territory and that ensure good safety and efficiency standards

This objective will lead us to the second Strategy of the RDOP:

Transportation Strategy

Priority Axis 2

To improve the transport system, promoting environmentally friendly transport modes

 The Transport component will focus on improving railway sector as environmentally friendly transport mode in line with EU policies in the field. Actions will promote better, more efficient and more safe use of the railway transportation systems, stimulating when possible combined modes of transport and diminishing the dominance of the road sector via a more balanced traffic distribution. 

Axis Measures
Priority Axis 2: To improve the transport system, promoting environmentally friendly transport modes, with special emphasis on improving the rail infrastructure in order to provide better services Measure 2.1. To modernize the railway mode by improving its efficiency and security

Objective 3: To strengthen institutional capacity of the Montenegrin public administration at both national and local level to ensure an efficient management and implementation of the Programme.

Objective 3 will lead us to the third Strategy of the RDOP:

Institutional Capacity Strategy

Priority Axis 3

Technical Assistance

Axis of support to the smooth implementation of the RDOP will improve the administrative capacity of the institutions involved in the Programme.

Axis Measures
Priority Axis 3: To support RDOP implementation Measure 3.1: Technical assistance