Rehabilitation of Dumpsite Vrtijeljka

Completed works on the dumpsite Vrtijeljka

Completed works on the dumpsite Vrtijeljka

Works on the rehabilitation of the unsanitary dumpsite Vrtijeljka, within the project valued over EUR 1,800,000, have been successfully implemented. The project was officially launched on 28.12.2016. as a confirmation of the good cooperation between the contractor (Drava from Slovenia), the supervisory authority (consortium led by Garnets Consulting) and the Directorate of Public Works, bearing in mind that the project was at the very beginning faced with numerous problems due to the huge amount of automotive tires (estimated between 700 - 900 tonnes) and the continuation of waste disposal despite the agreement reached on the suspension of disposal.

Saša Radulović, Head of the IPA Operational Structure in front of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, said that this important infrastructure project, resolved the long-standing problem in the capital of Cetinje, is in line with international standards, thus fulfilling one of Montenegro's important obligations primarily to its citizens, then according to the requirements of the European integration and environmental protection. Radulović added that the disposal of automotive tires as a special type of waste is a particularly challenging task given their long life span and the lack of bio-degradability. This is a problem faced by many countries in the world, as well as in the region, since this type of waste is usually illegally disposed at landfills, which unavoidably leads to endangerment of the environment.

Hermann Spitz, Head of the EU Delegation in Montenegro, said that it was an important day for citizens of Cetinje as well as for the environment of Montenegro because this project successfully implemented the first remediation of an unsanitary landfill in Montenegro, an open depot on which waste is disposed of in an improper manner, harmful to both human health and the animal world and the environment.

Ivana Vujošević from the Office for European Integration said that in recent years she has worked intensively on implementing reforms that imply the EU integration process, and the effects of this process are best seen through such infrastructure projects. In addition, this is about creating preconditions for the future implementation of European cohesion policy and the use of much more generous European structural and investment funds, which will be available when Montenegro becomes a member of the European Union and whose primary beneficiaries will be local self-government.

Director of Directorate of Public Works Almer Kalač pointed out that the rehabilitation of the unsanitary landfill Vrtijeljka is a very important project and that the Directorate of Public Works will approach equally seriously and every subsequent project, adding that Montenegro has recognized the importance of the environmental problem, as we are witnessing today.

At the very end of the ceremony, Aleksandar Kašćelan, Mayor of capital of Cetinje stated that it was necessary to continue with the practice of solving ecological black spots in the municipality as well as educating the young generations of the environment problems. This project has interrupted the decade-old negligent attitude towards the environment, but the rehabilitation of this landfill does not mean the process is complete, he added at the end of the address.

The value of the Programme is € 26,159,626, of which 85% is funded through EU pre-accession funds i.e. IPA funds for Component III - Regional Development and 15% from the Capital Budget of Montenegro.